Tuesday, January 25, 2011

when music kills

If I could breathe music, I'd kill for it. Now, I know the way to get my creative juices flowing, I need music. Fuck Lady Gaga and her 'unconventional' songs with sexual references and gay themes. The real music can be found in the beating of the heart or the sea hitting the rocks- scratch that, music is in the band of my dear 'Air', quite ironic I guess but hey its cool. Also, 'Porthead', 'Dirty Elegance' and 'Cibo Matto' are most amazing bands I've heard since...well, ever. Drawing is passion, and I've been doing it for ever, now to make my sketches more worth 'it' I listen to weird alien music, that bring the inner talent in me.
Enjoy these couple of pictures while I listen to 'Run' by Air.

January; Curly hair, red lips, high wasted skirts, florals, tights and socks.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

photo copy

My inspirations this season- since I'm feeling little upsy downsy this season I might as well dress to impress. Honestly, random colors suit me better than I thought they would. (my dressy photos soon.)

Friday, October 29, 2010

new stuff

Lately I've been super busy to post and stuff so I'll do a tiny post right now.

I've been dreaming of modelling since I was 9 and still want the career real bad, so anyway- I got mummy to call a local agency in Melbourne and they told her that I might need to go to a school for models which cost alot. I'm just telling you this because it's deffinitely something new in my life and I'm really excited nd looking forward to my carreer in fashion. Honestly I think I can make it, anything is possible in life,no?

Looking back at my post I deffinitely think that writting is not the best I could do but it's something I want to learn. So the purpose of me writting this blog is to tell you a bit about my life and fashion I admire, hope this blog gets read by people more offten. Oh and thank you if you aleady do.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sunshine,lollypops and rainbows

The title says it all- I'm back to my summer mode. No one to blame-unfortunately, I live in a different place at the moment, the place where the winters are hot and summers are freezing- ever heard of Down Under? Yes, I'm In Australia, and in here I will not follow Australian fashion trends, but instead I'll be all opposite baby! I'll try to be different, I'm buying a lot of warm-ish clothes, because it sure doesn't make sense to all of the Europeans and Americans if I dress up in a Maxi dress and a lace cardi- and say 'I can't wait for Christmas'. Actualy, fashion trends in here are not that different at the moment, because it's not that hot in here. But I bet no one will be wearing heavy coats and wool scarves in Summer (Winter).....Unlike me. I'd better rethink that before it's too late though-or just buy 50 bottles of deoderant and get ready for Summer (Winter).

To me fashion in down under, doesn't make sense, designers in America and Europe are creating clothes for Fall (or have already designed them,like last year) while in here you have to dress in last summer's collections! Can I say rude?

Bring Donna Karan, Rodarte, Commes Des Garcons and Anna Sui here! We need trends!
(I'd say THEY as in people in Oz need trends- beacue I have my own, and still, I feel kind of lost without them....)

Anywho- I've been listening to a lot of Reggae music lately, in my car on the way to school- and find it really hard to concentrate on something else than Blumarine's Summer 2010 collection!

Cons and Pros of the collection:
Pros:Lovely colors and they all mix together very well.
Cons:I don't like the way the collection was separated into two different sections- Dresses and casual wear. I think dresses are a bit nonsensy color that doesn't quite match with the casual wear.
But that's called unique eh?

Smooches. x

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dreaming of designers

Ever hear of the song 'I'm Dreaming of a white christmas?' yeah, well that's exactly what I dreamt of last night, but the opposite. I actually had a dream of Marc Jacobs (yes, the Marc.). For some reason, my mother and him were long lost friends. So, when they met in the airport ( IDK, why the airport) they were really surprised to see each other. In my dream my mom knew that I wanted to become a fashion designer, so she introduced me to him ( like I didn't know who in the world he was.) and he started talking to me in French and Italian. Call me crazy but this is what happened!

So,today, I feel totaly freaked OUT. I saw him in a magazine I was reading earlier today and looked at the picture for ages. What is going on with me!?

In other words, shouldn't girls be dreaming of their wedding day's with Justin Bieber, Zac Efron or Taylor Laughtner (Ew-e), instead of gay designers? (even though I adore Marc for his work, seriously, I do.)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

playing dress-up

This annoying routine of images will emerge throughout the Internet in 0.5 seconds. (We sure don't want that to happen 'wink,wink'). Dress- Vintage, the tag says it was once from'Meriel', Turtleneck- 'Primark',Socks-'Primark',Shoes- They are my mom's, but I'm pretty sure she's let me borrow them, 'Loretta Vitale', Scarf (around my neck)- Now, don't smirk when I say this but it's my Gran's, I have no idea where she got it, and I don't want to find out. But it's probably the cutest thing I have from her,Scarf (tied to my hair)-'Cheap 2 dollar store.' Alright, I'm very cheap, problem-my extreme lack of money. Dun Dun Dunn. Geeky glasses- My secret, but one clue-it costed 2 dollars.

Location-My bedroom. Speaking of bedrooms, I have no bed, so I sleep on a mattress. I just moved to a new continent so I have to get used to sleeping on mattresses for approx 2 months, before getting a bed.
I am not exactly proud of my room right now, because it's empty. When my stuff gets shipped here from Ireland, I'm going to go cr-a-zy. It's going to be 60's extravaganza,imagine something very Hippie, um.... 60s take away shops. Get it?

there is a new blogger in town.

Hey there bloggers! I'll be blogging here a lot starting from today. And no it's not my first time I'm here. Actually I have another blog (which is not going to be used anymore, due to too much audience seeking). So suck it up bloggers. I'll be doing my own thing here, the minute something comes to my mind, the whole Internet world will know. If you have questions,suggestions,topic ideas or just basic friendliness- email me (email in the sidebar).